Audio Studio

The Recording Studio at Pindrop was Delhi's first ever fully digital recording studio. Today, it continues to hold the coveted position as the preferred destination for professionals seeking quality audio services.

Our extensively trained engineers coupled with a pro-precision acoustic environment have access to some of Delhi's finest studio facilities, thereby enabling them to constantly meet the high quality standards set by us. Hence making Studio Pindrop one of the most sophisticated recording studios in the city.

MIXERS Yamaha O1V96i + Mackie Onyx 1640i
AUDIO INTERFACES (Soundcards) Motu MK3 828 + Digidesign 003 + Mackie Onyx Inbuilt + Yamaha i Series Inbuilt
DAWs Apple Logic Studio Pro 9 + Steinberg Nuendo 5.5.3 + Ableton Live Pro 8 + Sony Acid Pro
CONDENSER MICROPHONES Neumann U 87 Ai Set Z, Neumann TLM 103, Rode NT-2A Series, AKG Solid Tube Series, AKG C3000 Series
DYNAMIC MICROPHONES Shure SM58 Series, Shure SM57 Series, AKG D112

The Sheela Group, a leader in foam manufacturing and acoustic engineering, undertook the acoustic treatment for the Audio Studio at Pindrop.

Video Editing and Graphics Suite

The video-editing and graphics suite at Pindrop is designed in a manner to provide utmost comfort to its occupants. A spacious and comfortable environment is maintained, enabling your creative juices to flow at all times!

An adjoining pantry allows long-hour editing sessions to be coupled with all the amenities and picker-uppers that one might need.

VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE(S) Apple Final Cut Pro X + Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
SUPPORT EFFECT SOFTWARE(S) Apple Motion 5 + Adobe After Effects CS6
IMAGERY AND GRAPHICS RELATED SOFTWARE(S) Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended + Adobe InDesign + Adobe Illustrator + Adobe Lightroom + Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6

Any and all required 'Audio Mastering' tasks for Film editing projects are duly undertaken at our in-house Audio Studio.