Welcome to the world of PINDROP. Where we will blissfully cater to all your Creative Media needs!

Founded in 1998 by the esteemed media personality Mr. Shammi Narang, Pindrop became an instant hit with all media professionals across the city of Delhi. Mr. Shammi Narang who has been heavily involved with the world of Indian media since 1982; understood and mastered the intricacies of the industry, hence Pindrop offered services at levels never seen before.

Today, that mastery has seeped into various individuals in the Pindrop team, all with their own unique skill sets and specialisations, enabling Pindrop to offer high quality 360-degree creative media production solutions.

With decades of Experience at its helm, Pindrop also has the task of managing decades worth of repute, thus quality in Service and promptness in delivery is and shall always remain Pindrop's primary commitment.