Brand Status. Brand Image. Brand Repute. Brand Evangelism.

Understand the Brand. Understand it's Vision. Understand it's Potential. Understand its Target.

"The phenomenon of understanding is a formidable ingredient for the success of a brand."

Shammi Narang

We believe that every Brand has a story to tell.So what do we do? We portray this story in the best way possible. May it be portrayed through ATL or BTL or both methods. What is ATLATL is a type of advertising through media such as television, cinema, radio, print, and Out-of-home to promote brands or convey a specific offer. This type of communication is conventional in its nature and is considered impersonal to customers. It is much more effective when the target group is very large and difficult to define. & BTL BTL sales promotion is an immediate or delayed incentive to purchase, expressed in cash or in kind, and having short duration. It is efficient and cost-effective for targeting a limited and specific group. It uses less conventional methods than the usual ATL channels of advertising, typically focusing on direct means of communication, most commonly direct mail and e-mail, often using highly targeted lists of names to maximise response rates. BTL services may include those for which a fee is agreed upon and charged up front.?

Strategy. Planning. Marketing. Activation. Leave it all to us. Our creative experts are constantly dedicated towards the brand and it's needs.

We identify the needs of the brand and the needs of its users. All activities are carried out based on the extensive research carried out before hand.

Once we take upon the task of Brand Management, we do not treat it as your brand, instead we treat it as 'our' brand!